Section 1: Roping

1a. Roper must make a full and complete run
-Must start in the back of the box
-Rope and catch the calf (Rope must leave ropers hand)
-Dismount from horse
-Throw calf by hand
-Cross/tie 3 legs

1b. Jerk down Rule
-A jerk down rule is in effect and will be left up to the judge’s/timer’s opinion
-This is a video based competition and all videos will be viewable to the public, so humane treatment to horses, livestock and other animals is a MUST.
-Any inhumane treatment will result in an automatic disqualification of the roper.

1c. Legal Catch
-The rope must be in contact with the calf to the point that it is able to stop the calf
-Roper MUST stay in contact with the calf until the roper initially makes contact with the calf
-Once the roper makes contact with the calf, a legal catch is deemed complete.
-The rope at this point can come off/lose contact with the calf.
-If the ropers lose contact or control of the calf with no rope attached, the run will be immediately counted as a no time.
-If the calf gains freedom from the rope before the roper has made contact with the calf, the run will result in a no time.

1d. Legal tie
-At least three legs crossed and tied with at least one wrap around three legs finished with a half hitch.
-Calf must stay tied down for a total of 6 seconds after the roper signals he has completed his run.

1e. Calling Time
-Roper calls for time by throwing his/her hands in the air signaling the timer/judge the run is complete and to stop the time.
-Once hands are thrown, roper may no longer touch the calf. If touched again the run will result in a no time.

1f. Working horse
-After roper has called time and is making his/her way back to the horse to remount he/she can NOT work their horse. (noise, hands or any other form)
-If seen, the run will automatically be ruled a no time

1g. NO 6-second count
-After a roper remounts his/her horse the time is official.
-Being that this is a practice based competition and to help our contestants save on their cattle, there is no need to ride up and let the calf stay tied for a specific time.
-The contestant must remount their horse. Once remounted the time is official.

Section 2: Judging

2a. Camera position
-To help Premier Timed Events give you the best possible time, we recommend you film from the left side of the arena for a right handed roper and the right side of the arena for a left handed roper (if they are tying from the left side).
-Make sure the filmer/videographer is down the arena far enough, so the run is always in front of the camera. This angle/viewpoint is not mandatory however, Premier Time Events recommends this to help us in timing your runs as accurately as possible.
-Videos from other angles and positions will be taken and timed at the timer’s best ability/judgment. The roper, their horse, and cow must be in the film at all times. -The gate of the chute must also be visible in the beginning of each run.

2b. Judge’s/Timer’s decision
-Our judge’s and timer’s decisions are final.
-To help them determine the best time we recommend videos come from recommended angles/position and submit the clearest videos as possible.
-The poorer the video quality the more difficult it will be for timers and judges to be as precise, which could lead to longer times than expected, or a no time if the timer/judge can not determine the run.

2c. Barrier
-There is no barrier! Time will start as soon as the gate for the cattle opens. (As soon as our judge/timer sees the gates begin to open/move they will start the timer)

2d. Timing and Timers
-The time for all runs will start as soon as the gates of the chute containing the cattle begins to open.
-The time will stop when the roper has thrown his/her hands in the air, signaling the timer/judge they are complete.

2e. Videos
-Any videos sent to Premier Timed Events will be used for timing and will be submitted as your entries (3 head averages). All videos must be filmed during the current week’s competition. We have software that tells us when the video was taken. If the submitted video was filmed at any other time besides the current week of competition, the team will automatically be disqualified from the roping and entry fees will not be returned, but will be kept in the competition/jackpot.
-Also, our software will allow us to see if the video was tampered with in anyway that may depict the speed/time on the video. If the video is found to be sped up, or slowed down, the team will be automatically disqualified from the contest. Entry fees will not be returned, but will remain in the competition/jackpot.

2f. Tiebreaker
There is no tiebreaker. In the event of a tie, the winnings from the number of winning places will be split evenly amongst the teams that fall under the tie.

Section 3: Livestock

3a. Cattle are chosen at roper’s choice.

3b. Inspection
-Premier Timed Events cannot inspect all cattle used, however we do not condone harmful treatment and unnecessary medication to the cattle. If any such actions are seen in the videos ropers will automatically be disqualified with entry fees not being returned. Entry fees will remain in the competition/jackpot.

3c. Questionable treatment
If Premier Timed Events feels that the handling or treatment of any livestock during the run may be considered unethical we have the right to not publicly display the run. If the run is a clean run we will still time it, but will not make it viewable to the public.

3d. Type
– Cattle are roper’s choice. (size, speed, etc) However, cattle are the ONLY livestock allowed to be roped for submission in Premier Timed Event’s contests.

Section 4: Payouts

80% pay outs for all ropings/contests unless stated other wise for special events.

-Payout structure

Premier Timed Events uses a specially designed payout formula that will pay out a specific percentage of teams based on the total number of teams in each roping. The payout percentage will be set at 10% of entered teams will be winning money, unless stated otherwise for special events.
10% of 100 contestants is 10 paid contestants
10% of 150 contestants is 15 paid contestants
-When team numbers are uneven Premier Timed Events will not round up to the next placing/money winning position.
151- 154 contestants =15 contestants
155- 159 contestants =15 contestants

Section 5: Video

5a. Premier Timed Events will accept all types of video files and files from all types of devices.

5b. The video must show the roping chute at the beginning of the roping in order to see the chute gates open.

5c. The video must also contain the roper and his/her horse and the cow in the film at all times. Failing to do so will result in immediate disqualification of the roper and the entry fee will not be returned, but will be left in the competition/jackpot prize.

5d. Premier Timed Events recommends filming runs from the side of the roper that shows him/her tying the calf. This will give the best angel and view of all the required aspects for each roping run.

5e. Videos can be submitted from different days during the week of competition. However, the videos must be entered all at one time.

5f. The books for each weekly contest will be open from Sunday at 12:01 am and will close at Saturday at 11:59 pm.

5g. The winners will be announced no later than Tuesday following the closing of the weekly contests.

Section 6: Other

6a. Classification/Number System (handicap)
-In order to compete in a Premier Timed Events roping all members must have a Premier Timed Events classification number. These numbers will be generated for FREE during the membership process.
*Furthermore if Premier Timed Events feels that the computer generated number is not adequate we have the right to adjust accordingly.

6b. Membership
-All contestants must complete the FREE membership form before competing. This can be found on the website.

6c. Dress code
-There is no dress code for Premier Timed Events, but we ask you keep all attire respectable, being that the videos may be displayed for public viewing.

6d. Once videos are submitted to Premier Timed Events, Premier Timed Events has the rights to the videos and may use the videos as necessary.

6e. Roping must be done from horseback and contestants must only be roping a form of cattle.

6f. The rope cannot start on the cow. The rope must be “thrown” by the roper.

Section 7: Match roping

1. All rules apply depending on which events the match is occurring

2. No number system or age divisions. Matches are strictly head to head competitions with no limitations

3. All Matches are 3 head and the fastest time wins

4. 80% payouts for all matches. Adjustable entry fees. Ropers/Contestants will have the ability to set the entry to whatever the 2 challenging teams agree on. ($25 minimum)

Section 8: Contact Information


3515-B Longmire Dr Box 206
College Station, Tx 77845